Saturday, March 6, 2010

Whale Blitz

The weather and sighting conditions for much of the season have been marginal. As a result, we only have a glimpse of what the whales are doing this year. The calf count is now up to 15, but we wonder how many have been missed. And, there are whales to the south of us that we expect to pass through our area.

Now, we have three days of good weather coming--Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. This is our chance to get good information at the tail end of our TENTH season. The AirCam will be flying. The boat will be out conducting acoustical work. We are asking everyone to be at full strength and full search mode. We are declaring a WHALE BLITZ!

On a sad note, it appears that one mother may have lost her calf in the last few days. If so, the calf may wash up on the beach in our area. Recovering it could give us important information on its cause of death. Please look on the beaches as well as scan the ocean.

As always, thanks for your help!