Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Update to 29 Nov Right Whale Sighting

Although the only photo of the whales sighted on 29 November in south Flagler Beach has a partial whale head, it was enough for the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission’s aerial survey researchers to match with some of their photos and conclude that Right whale #2753, named Arpeggio, had graced us with her appearance along with her calf of this season. The curators of the right whale catalog at New England Aquarium have provisionally agreed. If you were around in 2008, you might remember that Arpeggio made numerous appearances all along the Florida coast in the early part of the season, keeping us very busy. In early December, Arpeggio and calf were photographed near Mayport, but we are prepared in case she returns to our area. The AirCam flew its first survey on Sunday, 16 December and will now be making regular flights. Six mother/calf pairs have been provisionally identified, including #2330 who was here in 2004 and #2413, in 2011. Keep a sharp eye out anytime you are on the coast!