Monday, February 10, 2014

Boomerang Makes It Four

The call came early. At 07:39, Julie at the Marine Resources Council Right Whale Hotline called. Someone (didn't leave name or call back number) called the Volusia County Beach Patrol ... whales at around 1900 A1A in Daytona. Becki subsequently relayed the info to Team 5 who verified the sighting from Andy Romano Park. Jim got on the road with Pat Schubert as the response team... and they joined the Team in Ormond Beach.

On a clear calm day, the mother (quickly identified as Catalog #2503, Boomerang) and calf moved slowly north. The survey team jumped north to the Cardinal Street Beach Patrol station and then to the Grenada Waterfront Park. Joy and Becki arrived in the AirCam around 11:15. 

Then ... we got another call from John and Elaine Kelley. More whales to the south. This one turned out to be a robust, healthy looking, humpback who came north to Grenada and then doubled back south. We returned our attention to Boomerang and calf, and the last sighting was from the North County Beach Patrol tower at 13:33. The whales were still coming north, but had moved east a bit. The Traveling Trevallies joined us at several stops. They picked a good week to help out!