Thursday, March 27, 2014

Right Whale #3546 and Calf Finally Headed North?

Tuesday, 25 March, and today, 27 March, brought fresh sightings of Catalog #3546 and her calf. On both days, the initial calls came through Julie Albert and the Marine Resources Council’s Hotline. On Tuesday, the pair was in New Smyrna Beach and Julie herself drove up to take photos (she has the same 600 mm telephoto lens as we use) with Jim making the trip south to lend a hand. This morning, the initial reports around 10:00 am had the whales at the north end of
Daytona Beach, heading north at a steady pace that brought them to Ormond Beach by the time Jim could reach the area. Becki, with the help of Team 4 surveyors, Elaine and John Kelley, kept them in sight until Jim arrived.

If mother and calf continue on the same heading at a comparable swim speed, we could see them in Flagler Beach tomorrow. Of course, they gave us the slip before and reversed course, but, perhaps, the urge to head north to find the dense swarms of copepods (right whale food) is making itself felt. It’s worth keeping an eye out!