Sunday, March 30, 2014

Right Whale #3546 & Calf Continue South

On their way home from church this morning, veteran surveyors Dale and Peach Hench cruised north along A1A in Ormond-By-The-Sea while, of course, watching the ocean when what did their trained eyes see? Catalog #3546 and calf just south of the World War II tower! They stopped and then stayed with the whales, moving south until Jim and Joy could arrive with the camera. We followed the steady progress south of mother and calf all afternoon. Periodically, they would
stop for a short while and the mother would roll on her back with pectoral fins extended in the air. See the example photo to the right.

We left them at Granada Blvd. just after 5:00 pm. Julie Albert of Marine Resources Council emailed us this evening that at 7:35 pm a Hotline report placed them in north Daytona Beach. We can hardly wait to see what they will do next!