Friday, February 20, 2015

Humpback Whale in Flagler Beach

The long stretch of “whale-less” days ended at 3:41 PM today with a call from Julie Albert from Marine Resources Council reporting a whale sighting in Flagler Beach. Team 3 surveyor Maryanne Gustafson heard from her neighbor that he had a whale in sight at N 17th Ave. and Maryanne wasted no time in calling the MRC Hotline. Becki arrived at the walkover in less than 15 min. and soon spied the telling tiny dorsal fin as the whale swam back and forth almost 3/4 of a mile offshore. Joy and Jim arrived soon after and corroborated it as a humpback. It was too far offshore for photos and was showing very little of itself. We called the watch after about 30 minutes in the bone-chilling cold, hoping that the 60°F water sliding south along our coastline will soon bring us right whales, too.