Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Survey Season to End Early

After evaluating the lack of right whales in the Southeast US and the absence of sightings in our survey area, we have decided to end our survey season two weeks early. The last surveys will take place on Sunday, 26 February. We made a similar adjustment to our survey season in 2012, when we had a total of two sightings of the same juvenile right whale.
We are deeply appreciative of the continued diligence and enthusiasm that our volunteers have shown in maintaining survey effort. It is by this dedication that we can conclude that the whales are absent.
The Air Cam will continue to survey once a week throughout March. Despite the early end to our season, there is always room for the unexpected.  Volunteers, beach goers, mariners, and fishermen, are encouraged to continue to scan the ocean. If and when a whale (including a humpback) is sighted, please note time and location, photograph if you are able, and call toll-free 1-888-979-4253 (1-888-97-WHALE), or the Marineland project number, (904) 923-5050.