Friday, January 15, 2010

First Right Whale SAG of the 2010 Season

For the third day in a row, right whales appeared in the Project’s area. At 08:20 the Marine Resources Council relayed a sighting report from the vicinity of Frank Butler Park, south of St. Augustine Beach. Survey Team 1 arrived shortly thereafter to find a Surface Active Group (SAG) of right whales putting on quite a show. There was lots of white water, flippering, head-lifting and blowing. The team monitored the whales, drifting south, throughout the morning. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission aerial team reported the count at 10 whales. By the afternoon, the group had moved further offshore, where the AirCam crew took these photos. Note the white belly on one of the individuals, in the image to the left. Please be on the lookout, as we can't predict when or where a group such as this may reappear.