Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whales Galore--Offshore!

For the sixth day in a row, a group of adult/juvenile right whales was sighted east of Ormond Beach. Mobile Survey team 4 has found them on most days and today was no exception. The group of whales was originally photographed by the AirCam last Wednesday, well offshore. They remain barely visible, particularly in the windy conditions we’ve had the last several days, and we have not been able to obtain good photographs of them from shore.

This was just one of four sightings on this gray, windy day. Mobile team 2 had distant whales off Malacompra, in the Hammock, and a member of Mobile team 1, not on survey, was riding her bike and spotted a distant group off Ocean Trace just south of St. Augustine. Lastly, Mobile team 4 also spotted a single adult off Flagler Pier and moving rapidly south. Of the four sightings, this was the only one that was close enough to photograph.

We expect another windy day tomorrow (Monday) but then improving conditions. So keep your eyes peeled. The whales are here!